Today was Labor Day...but I worked all day. I’m happy with everything I did family was home and periodically coming in to ask for something or chat or bug me for something or other, so I never got too sucked into my own thoughts. I had my Labor Day sale going on and sold WAY more jewelry today than I do on most days, so that was extremely satisfying. And right now I’m drinking a beer, smelling burgers on the grill, waiting 7 more minutes for fries to come out of the oven, and looking forward to catching up on Game of Thrones tonight (shhh, no spoilers...I literally spent 10 minutes shopping for temporary tattoos for my daughter at the Base Exchange with my fingers in my ears because a lady who worked there was loudly telling her theories on GOT to a coworker).

I meditated today, legit sat on the floor with my eyes closed and deep breathing for about 10 minutes this afternoon. It is definitely something I need to make a real habit of after this 30 days is up.

Hope you like the bracelet! I had to take off the ; because it’s trademarked as of early last month.