Today's Mantra Cuff is a personal aspiration of mine. I can't say I'm super successful with it, but I get how it can make a person a better person. Today was an emotional roller coaster for me. Jewelry is everything I think of every day, aside from the moments I take for myself (running, eating, things like that) and the moments I take for my family (playing with my girls, taking care of them, etc.). Almost every other waking moment is dedicated to jewelry. And today, up until this evening, I was feeling discouraged. I'm back to feeling inspired again, and most days are like this, so it's quite the ride. I'll just keep my chin up and keep believing in what I do, because when I look at my shop, I feel proud and excited. 

I did a short bit of mindfulness earlier today but would have benefitted from the bath version of it. Maybe tomorrow. 

Hope you all had a great day!