I really, really, really love Fall. It's the season where everything changes the most in the year. Kids are going back to school, meeting new friends, reuniting with old friends. The leaves on the trees change colors. Weather changes from hot sunny summer days to cool nights leading into cool and breezy days. Holidays (at least the really fun ones) are in the foreseeable future. Cozy and comfortable flavors like pumpkin spice lattes are back in stock (and the delicious Christmassy flavors are just around the corner). All my favorite shows are starting their new seasons. 

This is the time of year that I make new resolutions (then reassess and make even newer resolutions on December 31st). I look forward to the things I love doing inside on the colder nights, like reading a good book, or trying my hardest to write a good book (now that jewelry is my full time gig, I'm very much in need of a creative outlet...so I'm writing again, or at least dreaming of writing again). I also find this weather to be the absolute perfect running weather. Take right now for instance...it's about 72 degrees and breezy outside and it's almost noon.  In the summer here, it'd be almost 80 or hotter by this time in the day and a run outside would sound like the absolute worst idea ever. But today, a lunch run to break up my day sounds perfect. So I'm off to get my running shoes on, touch up a few fingerprint rings I'm making, before heading out the door with my dog.