I've been making fingeprint jewelry since I first discovered metal clay back in 2011. If you're not familiar with my process, here's a quick rundown:

I get a mold or an ink image of the fingerprint, if I have the mold, I can make an inverse of it and then press it into the metal clay (it's tiny bits of silver mixed with copper to a 96% / 4% ratio and it's held together with water and a binder, so it's literally just what it's called: metal clay). If I have the image of an ink fingerprint I use a stamp maker to create a 3D version of the print, then press the fingerprint into the metal clay. From there, I wait a day for the fingerprint to dry, then sand it and prepare it for the kiln. When it's all shaped and ready, I fire it in my kiln for just under 2 hours at 1625°F. The intense amount of heat burns off the binder and sinters the metal so it comes out as one solid piece with the fingerprint still displayed on the face of the charm or ring. It's pretty awesome how much detail this metal clay can pick up. 

Now that I know I can solder my metal clay pieces to sterling silver bands, I plan on adding other variations so customers looking for unique ways to wear a meaningful piece of jewelry will have more options.

Hope you like it!