I live (currently) in Colorado Springs...so every day, we have this ginormous mountain in the background of every view to the west. Pikes Peak is beautiful, and we get to see it in all its glory. Whether it's a sunny, clear day or the clouds let sun peak through over the many layers of each ridge between the highest peak and the start of miles of flat land just east of the range, it's gorgeous. 

Sometimes I wonder what it was like for the first settlers of this city. If you're driving from the east, you basically experience hundreds of miles of flat nothing (I know this from experience...we've driven back and forth from Pennsylvania, our home state, three times since moving here). Then, suddenly, off in the distance, there's this freak of geography jutting up out of the earth. The first people to experience this had to have been tired, and when they realized that this shadowy peak wasn't just a bad storm rolling through, they decided they should make camp, maybe forever. I'm sure if I did my research, I'd find out how this city was actually settled, but I like this theory. It's how I'd react if I ended up here hundreds of years ago. 

Because jewelry is my way of expressing art, I created this ring from the image I see in my mind of this mountain. It's dainty (representing the flatness of everything east of this mountain) then has Pikes Peak jutting out of its center. 

I hope you like it!