If you’ve been a shopper in the past month or you follow my page on Facebook then you know my family and I recently moved from Colorado to Virginia. My husband is military, which makes it especially useful for me to have a career that I can uproot and replant in a new location every 3-4 years. Some things, however, I had to leave behind in Colorado. More specifically, my staging area where I took photos of all my new items for the shop. 

In the below image, there’s a pine tree and a few random stones with the brick wall I used as my background for all the images accompanying new listings over the past 4 years. The lighting there was perfect and since Colorado is almost always sunny, I knew which times of the day I could take my jewelry out to photograph. 

Now that we’re in Virginia, I assumed I’d be able to find a good spot outdoors to recreate that scene as close as possible. Unfortunately, try as I might, it just can’t be done. We have a literal forest as our backyard, which is gorgeous and serene, don’t get me wrong, but it’s almost impossible to find the right lighting and the stones I’d use as props are almost always still wet from the morning dew or an overnight rainfall. Dark and wet looking stones make for dreary jewelry images. 

To make a long story short, I bought a photo staging box and will officially start staging my photos in this from now on. I might rephotograph older listings if I can’t get close enough to recreating the overall stylistic approach I’ve been aiming for with my listing images over the past few years. It’s important to maintain the cohesive feel of the shop, but my new photos will likely look different in the coming weeks, so I wanted to explain.

Hopefully I’ll be able to recreate that beautiful scene I had in my Colorado backyard, but I’ll definitely appreciate being able to photograph any time of day/night now that I have the indoor light box!