This ring is even more fitting right now. I just got mostly done writing a very long post about why I’m in need of a ring just like this. 

Because we’ve moved across the country, because my kids are home with me for the summer while I work full time on jewelry throughout the day while also making sure they’re not getting too much screen time, not missing meals, not forgetting to drink enough water while they play outside, etc. And so I’m stressed. Really stressed. 

There were parts about how I’m adjusting to a new home/city/time zone. I like to think it was extremely well written and witty, but you’ll never know, because I clicked a button and the whole thing disappeared. So here I am, writing a very abbreviated version of said post. Trying to remember that the day is over, I can have a glass of sangria, eat dinner, and try finding a moment to relax in this hectic summer evening. 

Just have to remember to stop and breathe.