I work from home, but about one full day a week I dedicate my time to preparing images of fingerprints, handwriting, and footprints for converting them to 3D versions of themselves (which I’ll then press into the metal on another day). Since all of this photo editing is done on my iPad Pro, I can spend that day anywhere, not necessarily cooped up in my workspace at home.  

At each place we’ve lived, I’ve sought out a coffee shop located inside of a bookstore. Books because I love books, and coffee shops because this kind of work typically takes 5 or more hours, and coffee/snacks help fuel me through. I’ve tried doing the work in libraries, but they typically don’t have coffee and snacks readily available, and I’ve tried working in a local Starbucks but it’s usually crowded and loud and always lacks the wonderful abundance of books. 

Every time I’ve been to Barnes n Noble in almost every one that exists near where I live the cafe is always too full to find a seat. Why aren’t there more bookstores in the world?  I know brick n mortars are struggling in 2019, and Barnes n Noble has had years recently where they’ve closed lots of stores throughout the country, I just wish this country was full of people who had the same passion for book(stores) as I do. 

I wish there was so much demand for books that there were a plethora of bookstores to choose from in any given town. That people consumed books like they do food and that bookstores would become as vital to a community as grocery store. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I’d be so dang happy. Sadly, I do know that most grocery stores also carry books. So this wishful thinking will probably always be as fictional as the books I love.

Back to work...