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Fingerprint Heart Charm with Bail

Fingerprint Heart Charm with Bail

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Simply drag and drop the fingerprint and/or handwriting file where it says "Drag & Drop Your Files or Browse" Or if you prefer to email the images, the email address is and I will create this one of a kind item featuring the fingerprint and/or handwriting you provide. If you don't already have the fingerprint image, follow the below instructions.

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Step 1: Use a pencil to color a smudge on a white piece of paper (a smudge about the size of the finger...this smudge will act as the “ink pad”).
Step 2: press the finger onto the smudge of pencil (don’t worry if you don’t see any of the pencil on the finger, it’ll still show up on the tape)
Step 3: take the piece of tape and press it onto the finger (you can press it onto the finger and really make sure the sticky part is covering the whole area that was pressed onto the pencil)
Step 4: peel the tape off the finger and then lay it sticky side down on a blank area of the white paper
Step 5: take a clear image of the fingerprint with a smartphone (using the flash or taking the photo in bright natural light works best)
Step 6: attach the image to a message to me or email them to:

Video tutorial:

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SHIPPING INFORMATION-> Please see shop information for processing speeds. I create each piece by hand upon order, and processing speeds include the time it takes me to create each item depending on the volume of orders at any given time. Shipping speeds begin after processing speeds.

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Because my designs are very minimalistic, I don't add the .925 mark to my sterling silver pieces, but I do guarantee the quality and silver content.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Emily Bahringer
This is my second purchase from Carmella....

This is my second purchase from Carmella. She does an amazing job. Wonderful quality and she brings the fingerprints to life. Handwriting is spot on as well.

Linda Crooks
It is absolute beautiful !! The fingerprin...

It is absolute beautiful !! The fingerprint is not just stamped on - you can feel
The ridges
The engraving on the back side is spot on as well.
A quality piece I will treasure forever !
The pre purchase communication was excellent
Very helpful and quick to respond.